How many dice does Dongtae have?

Will there be a DICE anime?

No, it doesn’t have an anime. The closest thing to it would be the animated videos they made for the release and Game of Dice 2.0.

Who is Mooyoung?

Mooyoung real name is Kim Mooyoung. is a major antagonist in the series, the character who has been a Dicer the longest so far and the most powerful A-Ranker. A former friend and mentor figure to Taebin, who received his first Die from him, Mooyoung’s main goal is to become the S-Ranker by defeating X.

What does the name Eunjoo mean?

Combination of Sino-Korean elements eun, like 銀 meaning “silver,” 恩 meaning “favour, grace” or 殷 meaning “thrive, flourish,” and ju, such as 珠 meaning “jewel, pearl,” 周 meaning “circumference,” 柱 meaning “pillar, column; branch,” 州 meaning “state, province” or 宙 meaning “dwelling; time, infinite; sky.”

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