You asked: What time is draft lottery NBA?

Where can I watch the NBA draft lottery?

The 2021 NBA Draft lottery can be watched on ESPN or streamed via the Watch ESPN app.

How will the NBA draft lottery work in 2021?

Under the 2021 format, the three worst teams (Rockets, Pistons and Magic) will each have a 14 percent chance of winning the lottery. Here are each team’s lottery odds with the percent chances to land each pick (via Tankathon).

Who won the NBA Lottery 2021?

Winner: Russell Westbrook

The biggest winner of the draft was Russell Westbrook, who will play for his fourth team in four seasons when he takes the floor for the Lakers this fall.

Why does the NBA do a draft lottery?

The Lottery is the format the league used to prevent teams from purposely losing to be the worst in the league, as from 1966 to 1984, the worst teams in each conference would participate in a draft and the winner would get the first pick.

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